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Thursday, April 9, 2015



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Is The Snow Any Good?

Hop Jam & Summer Stuff


Once again we find ourselves here. But, that "here" is an ambiguous location, one that can mean any number of places for any number of people. Maybe it's closing weekend on your last runs of the winter. Maybe it was the rental shop where you tried on your first pair of ski boots and winced in agony as they vaccuum sealed around your foot. Maybe it was Devil's Playground with your youngest daughter for another round of steep, adrenaline-pumping euphoria on the deepest day of the season. Maybe it was alone by the fire in the Tavern as you enjoyed a drink or three during a warm and well-deserved vacation. Maybe it was all of these places. Or somewhere else entirely.

Regardless of where "here" is for you, it's special. It's a unique moment of realization when everything fades away and all that's left is a sense of being. Of respite. Of comfort. It's what living in the moment really means, and it's something we strive to provide here at the resort every day. We set out this fall to make you feel at home. With any luck, we succeeded.

Hopefully you've found yourself this winter. And hopefully you continue to do so in the coming years. Thanks for reading, watching, clicking and sharing this season. See you in December.


Is The Snow Any Good?

Come on, really? You're still asking this question? Well, 276" on the season and 4-5" in the last 24 hours ain't too bad, right? How about sunshine and highs in the 50's - pretty good, huh? Yeah. It's still good. Four lifts and 64 trails will be open this weekend, including Timberline. Come ski them.
True fact: Full day and Late Day lift tickets purchased in person are discounted $10 across the board for the next 3 days. You can also find tickets online right now for as little as $19.99 while supplies last. Plan ahead, jump on that and score a wicked deal on your last turns of the year.
Timberline lodge will be open without any food or ticket service on Friday. You can buy tickets at Timberline on Saturday & Sunday, but the only food options will be in the main base area.


Hop Jam & Summer Stuff

It's time to start planning your summer activities, and we don't want you to forget about us! The Hop Jam returns this August for a second round, our Adventure Course is available for group rental all summer long and the ski sale will be back in the fall as well. And, new for this summer, Bailey's Restaurant will be open for dinner most weekends starting in late May!