Catamount Trail Association Backcountry Day

Date: Feb 15 2015

Introduction To Overland Touring

This introductory course is aimed at the new skier looking to try point-to-point backcountry touring on the Catamount Trail or other similar trails using lightweight nordic touring equipment. The course will emphasize skill demonstration, practice, evaluation and feedback. Likely participants might never have been on skis before, but will probably have some skiing experience and are now interested in getting off the beaten path. This class will take place near the Bolton Valley Nordic Center and will spend most of it’s time on the surrounding groomed trails. We will cover different equipment types, layering strategies, moving forward efficiently, stopping/speed control, turning, and basic uphill technique. The goal of this course is to introduce and reinforce the basic skills required to participate on an easy tour over gently rolling terrain. Once comfortable with the skills presented during this course, you will be ready for the Intermediate Overland Touring Course.

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Intermediate Overland Touring

Our Intermediate Overland Touring Course will take the form of a teaching tour where the group will explore easier backcountry trails in search of teachable moments. The emphasis during this track will be learning by doing. Topics similar to those in the intro course will be covered – layering strategies, what to pack, efficient travel, stopping, speed control, turning, downhill strategies, etc… – however you will be practicing these skills and putting them to use under slightly more challenging conditions. Once comfortable with the skills presented you will be ready to participate in one of Catamount Trail Association Introductory Day Tours.

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The Telemark Turn

This course is for skiers looking to tackle more challenging terrain, or those who want to spice up tours by being able to take better advantage of skiable downhill areas. This course will take place on easy, lift-accessed, downhill terrain at a resort (discounted of free lift access available) and will emphasize skill demonstration, practice, and technique evaluation. This is an introductory level class for the beginning and intermediate telemark skiers looking to develop and refine their skills. If you are looking for more advanced telemark instruction please contact the North American Telemark Organization (NATO)

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9:15am – Check-In at Bolton Valley Nordic Center 
9:45am – Introduction & Welcome
10:00am – Instruction Begins
2:00pm – Instruction Ends