Green Mountain Plonkers MotoTrial

Date: Aug 6 2017

We are excited to be partnering with the Green Mountain Plonkers Trials Club of Vermont for the first of what we hope is many MotoTrial events at Bolton Valley. 

For those new to MotoTrials, this event is more about balance and agility on a dirt bike than it is about speed. The event consists of an on mountain loop with stops at technical sections that the riders have to get through as cleanly as possible (i.e. with putting their foot on the ground as few times as possible, with the goal of being able to ride the entire section without putting a foot down at all.). Check this website for more information on MotoTrials.

The event will be based out of Timberline. Riders will start at 11am and the competition should wrap up around 2pm. While the event starts and finishes at Timberline the best place to view will be in the main base area. Check the map. This event is free to spectators.

The event will include Novice (C), Sportsman (B), and Intermediate (A) lines. 

$25 rider entry fee. See more at the Green Mountain Plonkers Trials Club of Vermont's Facebook Page.