Live Music @ the JMT with DR. RICK (this show will be HAWT!)

Date: Mar 16 2019


Doctor Rick will be performing in the James Moore Tavern on March 16th from 10:00pm-1:00am

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Forged in the dimly-lit, beer-soaked bowels of Burlington, Vermont's basement scene, Doctor Rick was put here to help you get your musical fix. Brennan Kensey (Bass, Vocals) and Zach Santarsiero (Drums, Vocals) hold down an infectiously groovy rhythm section while constantly pushing the energy higher. Patrick Callahan (Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals) keeps listeners on track with catchy & relatable lyrics that will be stuck in your head days after a show, while trading licks with the Doctor himself, (E)Rick Soszynski (Lead Guitar), who shreds through solos and melodies with effortless levity. Their shows consist of mostly original music that will leave you wanting more.

This quartet works hard to combine everyone's favorite aspects of blues-rock, funk, hip-hop, and bluegrass into a cocktail delivered with surgical precision, straight to the brain. Now operating on a stage near you. Stop by. These guys are just what the Doctor ordered. No appointment necessary.