Night Rider Series #2- S-N-O-W

Date: Feb 1 2017


Join us for the next event of the Night Rider Series Wednesday, February 1.

Since Mother Nature has not allowed us to get any other parks up and running just yet we will be hosting next week’s Night Riders event in Hide Away again. There are a few added features and the setup has been rearranged since the rail jam.

To keep things interesting we are going to shake thing up this week. The format will be similar to the game S-K-A-T-E. The judges will call out the tricks and the riders will follow. If you miss a trick you get a letter. For this event we’ll play S-N-O-W… four misses and you’re out.

After the challenge we’ll have an open jam with whatever time we have left. Everyone will have a chance to impress the judges to win some prizes.

Please email me at with any questions or feedback. I hope to see everyone back up here on Wednesday night, the park crew and I are looking forward to another fun event. Think snow!

Event Coordinator


• Registration at Guest Services: 4:30 - 5:30pm

  • One event for non-passholders: $15
  • One event for passholders: $10

• 5:50pm Rider's Meeting - Hide Away
• 6:00 to 7:45pm Competition - Hide Away
• 8:00pm Awards in the Fireside Tavern (upstairs of base lodge)

Age Categories
• 16 and under male skiers
• 17 and over male skiers
• 16 and under male snowboarders
• 17 and over male snowboarders
• 16 and under female skiers
• 17 and over female skiers
• 16 and under female snowboarders
• 17 and over female snowboarders

The 2017 schedule

Night Rider Series - General Info 

• January 18 - Rail Jam
 February 1 - S-N-O-W
• February 15 - Event TBD
• February 22 - Event TBD 
• March 22 - Night Rider Series Finals



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