Bolton Valley BASE: 15° SURFACE: Packed Powder/Powder 24 HRS: 2.5"
SUMMIT: 13° NIGHT SKIING: Closed 48 HRS: 2.5"
TRAILS: 68 RUN OF THE DAY: Spillway 72 HRS: 3.5"
LIFTS: 6 BASE DEPTH: 24-42" 7 DAYS: 28.5"
TODAY'S WEATHER: Temps in the low teens and double digits with light wind and snow lasting until about 4:00pm.
EXTENDED WEATHER: Sunshine, clouds, and then more snow over the next 3 days with colder temps Tuesday, and climbing into the 20's and 30's the following 2 days.

Updated Monday, February 18th at 3:23 PM

It may be mid February, but we're only 9 inches short of last season's total snowfall right now, and today is looking like it will bring us even closer.

That's right, it's snowing up here yet again, and the forecast is calling for a couple inches of accumulation before it winds down at 4:00pm. Combined with mild winds, a very pleasant high of 15°, and lots of soft snow left over from last week's storm, it's safe to assume that that today is going to be another great day on the mountain!

Conditions across the mountain are great, and in true Bolton fashion, there's still quite a bit of powder and fresh tracks out there for the taking. If powder isn't your thing, our groomers have also laid down 32 trails worth of beautiful, soft corduroy for your turning pleasure.

All 6 lifts will be spinning today, with Vista and Mighty Mite kicking it off at 9:00, Timberline, Snowflake, and Mid Mountain following at 9:30, and Wilderness jumping in the mix at 10:00. As is our standard Monday schedule, there is no night skiing tonight, but it will kick off again for the week tomorrow, and continue through Saturday.

Today's run of the day is Spillway. located right under the upper Vista liftline, Spillway is a popular black trail with one of Bolton's steepest pitches. It's typically groomed, but is currently home an impressive wall-to-wall mogul field that would make Glen Plake's mohawk stand up a little straighter. The pace and spacing changes from the upper pitch, to the flatter mid section, and then again into the steep second pitch. If you're unsure about doing the whole thing, but want to try it out, you can easily hang a right onto Show Off mid-way down. It's not for everyone, but if you like to rip the bumps, this is an unusually great opportunity to hammer some turns and show the folks on the chair what you're made of!

Happy President's Day!

Trail Report

G = Grooming / PG = Partially Groomed / S = Snowmaking / N = Night Skiing / B = Bumps
Vista Quad - 9am - 4pm
Bull Run G
Cobrass Lane G
Sherman's Pass G
Spillway Exit
Swing G
Alta Vista G
Cobrass G
Cobrass Run G
Deer Path
Five Corners
Hard Luck Lane G
Moose Run
Mousehole G
Spillway Lane G
Hard Luck G
Show Off - Lower
Show Off - Upper
Spillway B
Vermont 200
Vista Glades
Mighty Mite Lift - 9am - 4pm
Mighty Mite G
Snowflake Chair - 9:30am - 4pm
Lower Bentley G
Lower Foxy G
Lower Villager G
Snowflake Bentley G
Sprig O' Pine G
Timberline Lane G
Foxy G
Moonlight Park
Valley Road
Timberline Quad - 9:30am-3:45pm
Timberline Run G
Upper Villager G
Lower Brandywine
Lower Tattle Tale
Showtime G
Sure Shot G
Twice as Nice
Wood's Hole
Upper Tattle Tale
Adam's Solitude
Lost Boyz
Wilderness Chair - 10am-4pm
Abenaki Trail G
Lower Fanny Hill
Lower Turnpike
Lower Wilderness
Work Road G
Fanny Hill G
Old Turnpike
Peggy Dow's
Wilderness Liftline G
Bolton Outlaw
Upper Crossover
Upper Fanny Hill
Lower Crossover
Mid-Mountain Chair - 9:30pm - 4pm
Bear Run G
Deer Run
Primer Loop G
Beech Seal G
Enchanted Forest
Hide Away G

Skiing or riding in the woods on or off designated trails within the ski area's boundaries is allowed. However, these areas are not maintained or monitored by Bolton personnel, and are neither open nor closed. Unmarked obstacles and hazards exist. Ski and ride at your own risk. Do not ski or ride alone--rather, stick to groups of 3 or more. Bolton Valley Resort assumes no responsibility for damage to equipment within or outside the ski area's boundaries. Be aware, use good judgment, and ski/ride accordingly. Keep in mind that skiing/riding in the woods may lead you away from Bolton Valley trails. Bolton Ski Patrol does not sweep glades and wooded areas.