The Ski Bum Pass


The Ski Bum pass has reached the retail rate of $269. But, on Cyber Monday, November 27 you can purchase a Ski Bum Pass for just $199. 

As many days, as many runs and as many face shots as you can possibly muster. Unlimited laps and no blackouts. All possible just 30 minutes from Burlington.

The Ski Bum Pass is valid every day that Bolton Valley is open for skiing and riding during the 2017-18 Season with no blackout dates. The pass is for anyone age 18-25 (and full time college students who fall outside the age restrictions.) 

Pass holder age is determined by your age on 12/1/17. 


The Ski Bum Pass

Retail Price



The Ski Bum All Access Pass is for anyone ages 18-25.
Full time college students outside of this age range are also elligible.

$269 TBA Buy Online


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The Ski Bum Pass is for anyone age 18-25. Pass holder age is determined by your age on 12/1/17. College students over the age of 25 who are going to school full time in undergraduate or graduate programs are also eligible for this pass. Graduate students must obtain and present documentation from their school proving their full time status for the 2017-18 season and present college photo ID. Undergraduates over the age of 25 must show an Enrollment Verification Certificate confirming their full-time status and present college photo ID when picking up their pass.