Bolton replaced its two outdated, inefficient 1999 snowcats with new Prinoth models in 2008 and 2011. These new groomers have decreased diesel usage by 40-80 gallons a day because they are faster, have a higher pushing power and horsepower. The Prinoths are equipped with new CAT C-9 motors that have much better emissions rating, tier 3. The two old snowcats that were replaced by the Prothoths were rated a tier 0 and the other three snowcats in Bolton’s fleet are rated at tier 1 efficiency.

The use of snowcats varies from season to season depending on the weather conditions but Bolton attempts to use the Prinoth snowcats as much as possible. The performance of the Prinoth snowcats can be clearly seen through fuel savings. Approximately 10,000 less gallons of fuel have been used for the snowcats during the 2011-2012 season! Each cat is also equipped with a computer system making their mileage, RPM and fuel usage much easier to track.