Bolton’s pump house located at the top of the Mid-Mountain lift is primarily heated with waste heat from their new electric compressor. It is important to heat this building to dry out the hoses and keep them from freezing. A radiant heater was used before that required 250 gallons of propane a week. Now there are two new wall unit propane heaters purchased in the 2008-2009 season that maintain the building at 50 degrees when the electric compressor is not in use so that the pipes and hoses do not freeze. However, they only has to be turned on a few times a season and only use about 100 gallons of propane a season.

Bolton partnered with the Energy Co-op of Vermont to install two Magnum Countryside pellet stoves to heat the baselodge. The stoves burn premium quality wood pellets manufactured locally in North Clarendon, Vermont. Aside from the reduction in fossil fuel, according to the US Department of Energy, pellet stoves have the lowest emissions of any biomass appliance.