Other Initiatives


LED lighting is perfect for Bolton Valley because LED lights have a much longer life than incandescent bulbs and fluorescent and do well in cold climates. We changed some of our outdoor lights to LED’s in 2011 which saves 1,195 kWh/year.

Local Food

The James Moore Tavern and Fireside Flatbread work to provide locally sourced food and beverages. The James Moore Tavern and Fireside Flatbread locally source about 60% of their food. These restaurants work with Squash Valley Produce to source as much locally sourced food as possible. The Tavern uses Vermont beef from Boyden Farms and Cabot cheddar cheese in their famous Bolton Valley Ski Burger. These two apres ski specialists tie together the experience by providing Cookie Love cookies and Hood milk for the kids, and local brews such as: Long Trail, Switch Back and Magic Hat.

Trash Bags

Bolton Valley reduces their carbon footprint by purchasing Skyway trash bags which are made in the United States from recycled agricultural plastics and require 80% less petroleum to produce and distribute.


Every winter erosion and heavy traffic from cars, skiers, snow plows, and snowcats tears up the soil and grass around the Bolton Base lodge. Instead of purchasing new topsoil, Bolton creates their own organic material by mixing excess dirt from the parking lot, sand, woodchips donated by local residents, and salt. This mixture provides a great soil to grow grass again for another beautiful green summer and a creative way to replace the soil that erodes from the bottom of the slopes during the ski season.

Veggie Oil

Bolton Valley donates all of their used cooking oil to Alternative Fuel Foundation.