Hope Springs Eternal

A Beautiful Day on the Mountain Looking Up Past Vista Lift from the Main Base Area

Well, it’s been a rough run of warm weather since the beginning of November and the last time we told you why we’re so Stoked For Winter 2020-21 here at Bolton Valley. And while we’ve had a few snow events already since the end of October, we haven’t had the prolonged cold temperatures needed to make enough snow to get the lifts spinning… yet.

This time of year natural snow is nice to have of course, but really what we need is cold weather so we can build up that base. Also, the snow we make holds up to rain a lot better than the natural stuff. Once we get enough snow made we can not only open, but it also ensures a nice long season of carving into April with each new snowfall just adding to the fun.

So why the hope? Are we just big dopes? In a word, NOPE!

Here’s some things that we know:

  • While the weather forecast through the end of this week is pretty lousy and even forcing us to push out opening day another week, the cold front moving in this weekend and next may just pre-tell a favorable La Nina weather pattern for us up here at the highest ski area base elevation in Vermont.
  • We’ve seen some of our pass holders during recent pass printing hours and we also saw many guests this past summer at various things like our Summer Camps, Live Music on the Lawn evening concert series, Mountain Bike trails/events and of course hiking the trails and playing disc golf… and one thing has been consistently clear: people cannot wait to get outside and have fun! In fact, many need it to stay happy and healthy. We can’t wait to bring you one of the best winter options there is for staying safe and stoked, but also the best winter antidote we know of for keeping mental and physical health at the highest possible levels. With all the physical distancing and masking up, what better way to get outside and keep spirits high this winter than to go skiing and riding with loved ones, after all…
  • And lastly, well it’s quite simple really… Before the DesLauriers took back over the mountain they built in the ’60s and operated late into the ’90s, the previous owners got in the practice of opening in early to mid December. But ever since the DesLauriers came back on the scene the mission has been quite clear each and every fall. “”We want to be open Thanksgiving weekend,” says President Lindsay DesLauriers as she looks out her window just after that targeted weekend has come and gone with no lifts spinning, “That’s just the way it should be! I want Thanksgiving weekend every year, but some years – like this year – mother nature simply won’t allow it. That being said, as soon as she gives us a window, we’ll be on it and we will open as soon as we possibly can!!”

It’s fun having this job… sometimes I wish you could come with me and see the dogged determination, optimism and hope at every turn. In spring it was this global pandemic. Now, it’s delayed winter weather. It’s all met with the same firm resolve. We are going to play the hand that’s dealt in the best way we possibly can and we remain hopeful CONFIDENT this winter is going to be awesome!