Let’s Talk About Dogs…

First of all, we love dogs.  We love our dogs, we love our friend’s dogs, we even loves stranger’s dogs!  I mean, what’s not to love?  But there’s something that we need to just come out and say: Dogs and high-speed downhill activities (mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding) just don’t mix.  

We’ve had a longstanding wintertime policy asking for you to please leave you four legged friends at home, and with the expansion of our summertime bike park, its time that we tighten up for the warmer parts of the year too.

If you still want to walk your dog up here — great news!  You have lots of options.  From the Vista base area, you can take your dog up the Snowflake work road, that veers right towards timberline, all the way to timberline top station, or the even better views found at the top of Spellbinder ski trail just shy of mid station of Timberline Lift.  Once you’re over at timberline, all work roads and available trails are fair game.  As of summer 2021, there is no mountain biking happening at Timberline.

You can also take your dog along any of our mapped hiking trails that start from the sports center, our 5k loop, or any other hikes that start from the sports center including but not limited to, Bryant Camp, Harrington’s View, and Bolton Cabin.

But PLEASE DO NOT take your dog anywhere near any of the Wilderness or Vista trail networks.  We will have mountain bikers coming downhill, at high speeds, at all times of day in those ares.  There are no safe times of day, days of the week, or times of the year.  

This policy is in place for the safety of our staff (who operates machinery/vehicles on the work roads within the bike park, our bikers, hikers, and their dogs.  We are happy that we are still able to offer areas where you and your pups can come enjoy the the beautiful mountain scenery that Bolton Valley has to offer, but we ask you to please follow these guidelines.  The safety of you and your furry friends depends on it!