Lindsay on the Storm Skiing Podcast

Some Skiers Walking Through The Main Base Village On Their Way To Night Skiing During Sunset

A big tip of the cap to Stuart Winchester’s well researched approach to his podcast, The Storm Skiing Journal and Podcast. Stuart asks Lindsay a wide range of questions about the past, present and future of Bolton Valley, including:

  • Ralph DesLauriers’ initial vision for Bolton Valley
  • How and why the next generation of DesLauriers came back to owning and running the mountain
  • DesLauriers 2.0 growth plans and strategy
  • Real talk about our fierce love for our Hall lifts
  • Snowmaking, lighting, returning Bolton Valley to her former year-round glory
  • And more!

Frankly, it’s our new favorite interview with President Lindsay and we think you should download it on your favorite pod service and give it a listen on your next drive or however you consumer your pods.

Check out the Storm Skiing Journal and Podcast website for more details and background resources in addition to the episode.

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