March is Here and Season Passes are On Sale Now!

March is here at Bolton Valley, and we couldn’t be more excited!  March means longer days, more sunset lake views, sleeper storms, and beautiful weather.  Historically, March is an excellent month for snowfall, and while it feels like spring is creeping in, March is still very much winter up here in the Northern Green Mountains.  It’s truly one of the most beautiful times of the year up here.

Believe it or not, March is also the best time to buy your Season Pass for the 2021-22 Winter season!  Not only does buying your pass during this first pass sale guarantee you the lowest possible price, it also lets you ski/ride the rest of this season for FREE.  That’s right… Buy our pass now and get this beautiful time of year tacked on to next year’s entire season.  Quit eyeing us from afar!  Make your move now and reap the double benefits of buying early.

We do have a few new pass products and some new names on the lineup this year.  Most notably is the Bolton Local Pass.  You may ask… What is the Bolton Local Pass?  Do I have to be a Local to get one?  The answer is: NO!  There are no requirements to be able to purchase this pass product.  The Bolton Local Pass is our regular All Terrain Season Pass MINUS 8 Peak Days.  We introduced this product last year as a cheaper alternative to our All Terrain Pass, but we thought we’d change the name to make it a little more us.

You can buy you Season Pass right now by clicking right HERE, and feel free to reach out to our call center or send us an email if you have any questions. We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible!

While we’re on the subject of thinking ahead, we feel that now is as good a time as ever to mention that Bolton Valley Summer Camps we’ll be making their return for the third consecutive year! Camps are ages 7-14, and we will be offering Mountain Kids Camp, Mountain Bike Camp, and Skate camp all right here at Bolton Valley. We encourage you to sign up as quickly as possible! Camps have sold out every year so far! Book Now HERE.