Pass Printing

You should have received an email from us in the past 24 hours instructing you on which group you’re in to get your season pass.

We’ve undergone a pretty massive overhaul of our ticketing, point of sale and online WebShop which will help everyone avoid our ticket counters this winter, which is super exciting. But as many passes were sold on the old system, it meant we’ve fulfilled passes a few different ways.

Some people had them mailed to them. However, to be clear, we are no longer mailing season passes. Apologies.

Others bought on the new system (if they bought October 21 or later) and therefore had the opportunity to reload last year’s card. If they needed/wanted a new BV MTN (RFID) Card, then they have the opportunity to come up and scan their code at the automated Pick Up Box on the deli deck (near hotel entrance) OR come up during the appropriate hours listed here: Hours of Operation.

And finally, if your pass doesn’t arrive in the mail and you didn’t buy in the last month, come on up during pass printing hours. The first set of these hours will be this Friday through Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. To keep up to date with printing hours as they continue to evolve, keep an eye on this page: Hours of Operation

If you’re a pass holder and haven’t noticed any email correspondence yesterday or today (11/23 and 11/24) the easiest way to find which group you’re in will be to search for that email in your inbox or spam/junk as the case may. Search in your email provider’s dashboard for our email sender address of: [email protected] – to be clear, though, the only email that matters at this point is the one from 11/23 or 11/24. If you see the emails previously sent telling you to verify your address or sign the new waiver to get your pass mailed to you, they no longer apply. We are no longer mailing passes.