The Mid Summer Lift Shift

Scenic Vista Lift in Summer

We’re not going to sit here and tell you we’ve figured everything out with our summer lift service which began anew just over a year ago now, but we’ve figured a few things out…

1. Summer sunsets from the lift are pretty dang special.
2. Around this time of the summer (late July/early August), we really start to notice that very slow shift toward fall… shorter days and cooler nights being the tell tale signs. And on the whole we’re not complaining that it’s cooler up here, that’s for sure!

But along with the ever shortening days, well, it means we can’t keep running Vista Lift until 8pm in August unfortunately.

So, this Friday July 29 will be the last 8pm chair lift ride of the summer season. We’ll shift to our late summer lift schedule starting next week (August 1 already????) and running through Labor Day, which is: Wed to Fri Noon to 7pm | Sat & Sun 10am to 5pm. Check out all the Resort Hours of Operation HERE

From Labor Day through fall foliage season, Vista will run 3 days a week (Fri to Sun 10am to 5pm), which is also our favorite time of year for scenic lift rides to the top of Vermont.