Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports Initiative

Dear Friends at Bolton Valley,

This Year, Bolton Valley Resort partnered with Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports to bring adaptive snow sports opportunities in our own back yard.

Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports provides sports and recreational opportunities for individual with disabilities. True to its mission for over 20 years, we have helped thousands to gain a greater measure of self-esteem, more independence and also the ability to enjoy the outdoors. We provide opportunities in a world filled with barriers and obstacles.

Through Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports utilization of adaptive equipment, program partnerships like Bolton Valley, and thanks to the essential dedication of our hundreds of volunteers we have become a bridge to help those of all ages cross over physical obstacles and to break through social barriers that prevent equality and feed discrimination and prejudice.

Our programs inspire and broaden horizons for participants and volunteers alike and through year-round outreach we work to raise disability awareness to dispel stereotypes. We provide a setting in which family and friends can enjoy recreational activities together. We build friendships and dreams as we promote healthy lifestyles. We hope we can count folks like you, who greatly enjoy snow sports, while we try to raise funds to sustain the adaptive programs at Bolton Valley.

Your contribution also allows us to offer year-round programs and special activities throughout the state. Your gift helps us purchase adaptive equipment and offer specialized training to our volunteers. Your donation supports our scholarship fund, forever enabling us to provide financial assistance to individuals who would otherwise not be able to participate. Your financial support helps us bridge our organizational barriers making it possible for us to increase the scope and breadth of the programs and services we offer.

Through this appeal, our goal is to raise $10,000, a small fraction of the actual costs and investments by Bolton Valley and Vermont Adaptive involved with opening this new program site. Just imagine the impact of your gift. Imagine the smiles, the possibilities. In advance, we thank you for helping us change lives, bridge barriers and to truly make sports accessible for every body.

If your company would like to underwrite our programs, please contact us to find out about sponsorship opportunities. Otherwise, please visit to make a secure, tax deductible donation to Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports. Gifts can be mailed to Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, PO Box 139, Killington, VT 05751

Thank You for your generous donation,
George B. Potter, President Bolton Valley Resort &
Erin Fernandez, Executive Director Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports