Backcountry Leases

For the ‘21-’22 season, the Bolton Valley Backcountry Center will offer season-long leases on top-of-the-line backcountry equipment.  It’s an idea we’ve been kicking around for a little while, as a way to reduce the price of admission for backcountry skiing and riding.  And with this year being what it is, we decided it was an idea that’s time had come!

So we’ve stocked up with a whole new line-up of the most up to date alpine touring and splitboarding gear from our industry-leading best friends at Dynafit and Burton, respectively. 

More information for Winter 21-22′ Season Leases will come soon.
For now the information below regarding last years leases may be used as an example.

Daily Rentals Available HERE – Please secure your reservation online in advance to ensure we have equipment for you that day. Thank you!

Our A/T Packages Include
Dynafit Hoji boots, Rotation bindings, Seven Summits Plus touring skis, climbing skins and extendable poles. We’ve also got kids a/t packages with the Dynafit Youngstar set-up with skis from 130cm and up, and Hoji boots down to a Mondo size 22.5.

Last Year 20-21′ Pricing $490 for Junior setup with “Youngstar” skis (min size 120cm), boots (min size Men’s 4, Women’s 5), bindings (min DIN setting of 2) and skins – this sized equipment tends to fit the average 10 year old, but proper fit is based more on height and foot size than age. A 120cm ski typically fits kids 4’5″ – 4’8″. Sorry, no smaller sizes available this season.

Last Year 20-21′ Pricing $540 for Adult skis, boots, bindings, skins, and extendable poles.

Last Year 20-21′ Pricing $690 for the Premium setup with fatter Beast 98 skis and upgraded Hoji PX Boots
We do not currently lease helmets, but highly recommend you buy one from our on mountain shop!

Daily Splitboard Rentals Available HERE Please secure your reservation online in advance to ensure we have equipment for you that day. Thank you!

Splitboard Packages Include:
Burton (collab with Spark) Hitchhiker bindings, Family Tree Hometown Hero splitboards with Burton (G3) climbing skins, Burton (Black Diamond) Compactor 3-stage extendable poles.

Last Year 20-21′ Pricing $540 for board, bindings, skins and extendable poles – min size 146cm which typically fits riders starting at 5’5″ and up. We do not currently offer leases on backcountry snowboarding boots or helmets – your “normal” snowboarding boots will work fine, but there are “touring” boots out there you may want to consider, too. Please buy a helmet from our shop!

Need Poles, Boots, Helmets or Any Other Winter Gear?
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Enjoy 20% off if you’re a Season Pass Holder

Naturally, we will have a somewhat limited inventory for each A/T boot size and the only way we can see to do this efficiently is to have interested folks come up, get fitted, be happy with their kit and THEN pay/take the equipment with them. Leases will be first come, first served based on when you book your appointment. Book your appointment for late October or November here:

Feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions or just to chat about backcountry skiing and riding, or whatever. 

Splitboard Gear by Burton

AT Gear by Dynafit

Premium AT Gear by Dynafit

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