Winter Farmers Market


This season we are creating some extra reasons for you to stop by your local neighborhood resort by introducing the new Winter Farmers Market held at the Sports Center. For seven Sundays from 1 until 5 p.m., you can meet the local vendors who will be here to offer you local products from around the region. Markets will be held on the following Sundays: Dec. 10, 17, Jan. 14, 28, Feb. 18, March 11, 25.


Here are some of the local vendors you may find at the Winter Farmers Market on any one of the seven Sundays. Please note that this list will include more vendors in the coming week and will vary from week to week.

 Barn Owl

Barn Owl VT - A Underhill, Vermont based business owned and operated by Bekah Woodin and James Dutra. This is where you will find hand crafted felted soap, maple wood soap dishes, felted dryer balls.

Visit their webpage at


Bee Happy Honey - Based out of Starksboro, Vermont and brought to you by Pedro Salas, Bee Happy honey provides its customers with some amazing honey at a good price.

Feel free to take a look at their webpage at


Bolton Community Club - Bolton, Vermont is the hub for this group.  They will be there every weekend with all the info you will need to stay up to date on what is happening around town. 

For any and all information on the town, visit

Earth Soothers - Coming out of Huntington, Vermont, Earth Soothers is all about carefully handcrafted and naturally soothing products from the Earth and offer them for your enjoyment and wellness. You can find items like, wellness syrups & gummies, chaga, and herbal iced teas.

For more information on Earth Soothers, follow this link to their website:


  Green Acres Homestead - Representing Burlington, Vermont as their base for operations, Rebecca Roy and Mark Montalban created Green Acres Homestead to provide herbal salve made from the homestead, dropper bottles of oil of oregano, oil of bergamot, oil of peppermint, and many other offerings.

For more information on Green Acres Homestead, follow the link to their website:

  Honeywilya Fish - Believe it or not you can find certified responsible wild Alaska salmon (Red King, Ivory King, Coho) fillets, steaks, butterflies and alder-smoked strips all right here in Vermont. Swing by North Duxbury, Vermont and meet Lynn Steyaart, the owner of the Honeywilya boat.

Find more info at

  Infinity Art - Waterbury, VT is where you will find Infinity Art doing most of their work. Selling original art in two and three dimensions which is available at local art and craft Fairs in New England like the one here at Bolton Valley. They will be offering things like original artwork in two & three dimensions: pen and ink 2D artwork as gift tags, postcards, greeting cards, and also framed. Original artwork in 3D on cloth bags & paper/wooden boxes, and much more.

If you want to see what else they can offer you, go to their webpage at

JCreationsVT - Out of Essex Junction, Vermont, J Creations can make you flannel infinity scarves and quilted stockings, tree skirts and small goodies. J Creations is happy to help with any need they may be able to fulfill.
Julie Longstreth - Julie as an artist is largely informed by previous work episodes as an anthropologist in the American Southwest, assistant amphibian and reptile biologist in Vermont and a lifetime of walking in field and forest with my family of three school age children, husband, and canine companions. While at the Winter Farmers Market Julie will be providing guests the opportunity to buy her various paintings, clay, and felt.

To learn more about Julie and her work, visit


Sweet Abby's -  Did you know maple syrup is unique among sweeteners? Not only does it contain more nutrients than all other common sweeteners, it is also a better source of some nutrients than apples, eggs or bread and has been shown to have healthy glycemic qualities. Maple syrup is also chock full of antioxidants. Antioxidants, like those found in such foods as berries, red wine and green tea have been proven to prevent cancer, support the immune system, lower blood pressure and slow the effects of aging.

Visit for more on what they can offer you.

Magick Earth Farm - What we like about this farm is the variety of products they offer such as homemade pasta, prepared foods, baked goods, soups, stocks, sauces, produce, eggs, jams, jellies, relish, and pickles. Come and get some tasty homemade goods from a local farm right here at the BV Sports Center.

Visit their Facebook page to learn all about Magick Earth Farm.


Natasha Bogar - Natasha Bogar, resident artist of Bolton Valley, will be displaying local landscape paintings and prints on canvas and paper. Her limited edition screen printed designs are also available on hand sewn skirts, and long sleeve hooded shirts. Gift items for sale include, note cards, gift cards, and magnets featuring Natasha's fine art.

Learn more about her style at


Oak Knoll Apothecary and Jewelry - Coming straight to you from Williston, Vermont, Oak Knoll Apothecary and Jewlery will be here to bring you some of their handmade jewelry, as well as organic body products, and aromatherapy products. 

To learn more about what Oak Knoll Apothecary and Jewlery can do for you, visit their Facebook page.


Outwit Cancer - Brought to you by Liz Perkins, is a essential oils provider. Their pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. They harness nature's most powerful elements and share these gifts through our global community of Wellness Advocates.

Take the opportunity to learn more by meeting her here at BV or by visiting her website 



More vendors to come soon!