Bolton Banked Slalom

Date: Mar 21 2015

The Bolton Banked Slalom will be off of the Snowflake lift. The run will take you down Foxy and then take a turn into our small park, Moonlight. There will be banks all the way down with rollers mixed in the middle to add speed. There will be a starter at the top. Please give the started your name and wait for his countdown to drop in on the course.

There won’t be a normal 1st – 3rd place at this event. It will be a time to come out with your friends and family to take some fun runs through the course. Come down at the end to see how you did compared to everyone else. There will be prizes given out the end for fast times and sportsmanship.

Check the @boltonvalley on Instagram to see pictures of the course.

Fee: There is a $5 entry fee and then you will need a normal lift ticket to access the lift. Tickets will be sold at the registration table.


9:00am – 11:00am Registration upstairs in the main lodge

11:30am to 2:00pm Open race

2:30pm – Prizes on the James Moore Tavern