Fireside Flatbread OPEN Fridays May 17, 24 & 31 | James Moore Tavern & FF Opens for Summer June 6

Date: May 17 2019

Not only that, we'll swing the JMT doors open and have a full bar ready for you so you can dine in either dining room or on the JMT deck and enjoy your favorite beer, wine or cocktails while you're at it. There will be no table service, just order your pizza at the FF counter and your drinks at the JMT bar, settle in and enjoy the ride.

While you're here, enjoy the pool table that recently made the arduous journey from it's winter home at the Sports Center up to the JMT dining room. Seriously, please enjoy it, it was not that easy to get up there ;)

On June 6 The James Moore Tavern, Fireside Flatbread, and Village Cafe begin their regular summer schedule. Keep up with the schedule on our dining page: