Live Music is Alive and Well at Bolton Valley!

Live Music On The Lawn at Bolton Valley is a celebration of (primarily) local musicians playing to a scenic mountain backdrop of picnickers & diners as the sun sets on a beautiful day

Hey!  It’s Andrew from marketing back again to talk about something that I am very excited about — Live Music at Bolton Valley is back! 

Due to Vermont’s sparse population and relative success in combatting the spread of COVID19, we’ve found ourselves in the unique position of being able put on local, outdoor, socially distanced shows!  Yesterday, we rolled out “Live Music on the Lawn” – a series drawing from the overflowing pool of talent from the greater Burlington Area.  We see it as our opportunity to help perpetuate live music here – an area that is undoubtedly a live music Mecca to many – during a time that has taken an insurmountable toll on artists and their livelihoods. 

Live music and Bolton Valley have quite the history.  We’ve had live music here since the very beginning in the late 60’s.  More recently, I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with our live music program, and it’s something that I’ve grown very fond of. I firmly believe live music is huge part of the overall experience up here.  There’s nothing like coming in from a few night laps on the Vista Quad, grabbing a beer, and watching the local talent take us deep into the night.  

I think live music is more relevant now than ever.  It’s a way for people to connect in a time where human connection is harder than it’s ever been to come across. Fortunately for us, we have the space for people to do so in a safe, socially distanced manner.  Our new outdoor lawn area has been expanded to give people the space they need to fully enjoy themselves in a social setting.

We also have an insanely talented music community!  Northern Vermont has more than its fair share of dedicated musicians, and they’re itching to get out and play.  The music community was particularly hard hit by the Pandemic, and offering them a stage to do what they do best is the least we can do! These are incredibly strange times.  We recognize that not everyone may be comfortable with coming out to socially distanced events like this, and we wholeheartedly respect that.  At the end of the day, we’re nothing but grateful to be able to give people the option to get outside and enjoy themselves at a time like this.  Cheers!