Foliage Check 2021: Peak Foliage Declared at the Top of Vermont

Bolton Valley is officially calling October 7, 2021 Peak Fall Foliage. Yesterday we entered the beginning stages of the peak colors, but with a lot of sun, some wind, and lower temperatures the hues of yellows and reds magnified overnight. 

Peak Foliage at Bolton Valley

The seas of yellows, oranges, and reds are flooding the valley around us creating an unreal rainbow of colors. It does not get better than this, and it won’t be around forever. We anticipate that the leaves and colors will stick around for a few more days since there are minimal temperature drops and wind in the forecast. So make sure you come on up and experience this beauty before you miss out and have to wait one more year!

Come on up and enjoy a scenic lift ride during the prettiest time of year! Or take a hike on up to one of our various look out points!