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Currently, we strongly encourage everyone wears a mask indoors, regardless of vaccine status. We will continue to follow guidance from the State of Vermont and CDC as we have from the beginning, but at this time don’t anticipate mask requirements around the resort.

As with anything COVID related, stay tuned as such protocols are subject to change as necessary through the course of the season.

Head to for the most up to date hours for all outlets.

Also, please understand all posted hours are subject to change.

From the James Moore Tavern to the Deli to Fireside Pizza and even Miso Toh Kome, we have something for everyone to enjoy! for more info.

Head to the automated Pick Up Boxes at the bottom and top of the big stairwell going up from Deli Deck / Hotel Front Entrance. You should have received an email with a “Voucher” attached that has a QR code you can scan at the box to pump out your BV MTN Card. If you run into issues printing, call (802) 434-3444 or email [email protected] to get it figured. If a ticket checker asks for your valid ticket/pass, but you can’t get it from the PUB or a phone line, show them your emailed receipt showing that you paid and signed the necessary waiver. They may require you to sign another one real quick just for good measure.

As long as you like!

See hours / open outlets here:

Call our Call Center at (802) 434-3444  or head to our Ticket Cube- these are the main Guest Services counter this season.

You will need the QR Codes associated with your advance purchase(s). There are 2 wo ways to find them. We recommend the 1st option:

1. Easiest way to locate codes is to find the confirmation email sent by Bolton Valley WebShop at time of purchase and open the attachment with “Voucher” in the title. It looks like this:
"Voucher" in WebShop Confirmation Email

(You want the “Voucher” attached to your email, not the “Receipt”)

One QR Code per product. May have several within one voucher/purchase.

Can’t find the email confirmation from “Bolton Valley WebShop”?

Follow this work flow instead:

  1. Log into your Bolton Valley WebShop Account
  2. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner
  3. Click “Order History”
  4. Click on grid circled here in purple to display the QR Code associated with each purchase:

    QR Code in WebShop Account Order History
    QR Code in WebShop Account Order History

Buy online on your phone right now if you can. If near a building you can probably connect to our WiFi pretty easily, too!

Two options when you buy online:

  1. Reload your RFID Card to it’s WTP# and go straight to the lifts with that card (after purchase)
  2. Need a RFID Card? No problem! Buy that online and then scan the QR Code at one of our 3 automated Pick Up Boxes around the resort. No need to visit a counter.

Thank you for helping us keep our staff and community safe by skipping the ticket counters! Need to talk to a human? Call our Call Center at (802) 434-3444