Partner Season Passes

Deals for our partners

We sent your organization’s promo code to Bolton Valley’s person of record at your organization. If you have not received it and would like us to re-send to someone at your organization, please let us know via the email / phone number below.

Realeased 9/23/2021:

Discounts Active through November 1, 2021

ProductGen Public Pre-TaxGen Public w TaxPartner Rate Pre-TaxPartner Rate Post TaxSavings
Adult Local* Day & Night (Ages 26-64)$699$740.94$646.58$685.37$55.57Buy Now
Adult Local* Day (Ages 26-64)$649$687.94$600.33$636.34$51.60Buy Now
Youth & Young Adult Local* Day & Night (Ages 6-25)$279$295.74$258.08$273.56$22.18Buy Now
Youth & Young Adult Local* Day (Ages 6-25)$239$253.34$221.08$234.34$19.00Buy Now
Senior Local* Day & Night (Ages 64+)$279$295.74$258.08$273.56$22.18Buy Now
Senior Local* Day (Age 64+)$239$253.34$221.08$234.34$19.00Buy Now
*Local Passes Have 8 Restricted Dates: Dec 26 & 31, 2021 | Jan 1 & 15-17, 2022 | Feb 19-20, 2022

Discounts Active through November 1, 2021

Besides the 8 restricted dates, you and your family can ski/ride all season long whether it’s in the front country, backcountry, or nordic area. All passes include access to our NBU (Nordic, Backcountry, and Uphill) terrain during the hours and days your pass is valid.

For future reference regarding partner passes:

Check back in late February / early March 2022 for an update on our intentions for the 2022-23 Partner Pass Program right here! At this time, we anticipate we will probably continue this program, but as always the cheapest prices of the year will be available via the first pass sale deadline for the general public, which is always shared here: and historically the deadline for our spring pass sale is early to mid March (earlier than most area mountains).

We Apologize For Any Misinformation You May Have Heard About This Year’s Program – It Has Certainly Changed Plenty The Last Few Year’s… For What It’s Worth, This Is THE Page For The Latest Information On This Program At All Times (It’s Where Your Org Bought From Last Year As Well) And The Below Message Is All That This Page Has Said Since February 2021:

We will not be offering discounted 2021-22 Season Passes until after Labor Day. They will not be less expensive than the pass prices offered to the general public up through the labor day deadline and will be offering only to a select few “Local” Passes with 8 restricted holiday dates (cheapest prices of the year were available through the first deadline April 12, 2021.)