Season Pass Payment Plan

We are so thrilled to offer a payment plan option for those that need it. It is currently available on season passes bought through our first (Apirl 27, 2020) season pass sale deadline. From there, we will re-evaluate our business and guest needs and determine whether we can continue to offer this option to our cherished pass holders.

Should you choose the payment plan option during your pass purchase, whether online or via phone, here are some things to be aware of:

  • The payment plan is offered on these 5 pass products:
    (Sorry, no exceptions. We don’t have the ability to expand this program beyond these products at this time, but we hope this helps!)
    1. Adult All Terrain Day & Night (ages 26-64) – $549 through 4/27/20
    2. Adult All Terrain Day Only (Ages 26-64) – does not include lift service after 4pm – $499 through 4/27/20
    3. Youth All Terrain (7-17) with Adult Pass – $149 through 4/27/20
    4. Youth All Terrain (7-17) without Adult Pass – $209 through 4/27/20
    5. Senior All Terrain (65-74) – $229 through 4/27/20
  • If you choose the payment plan – the 5 products above will be spread evenly into 6 equal payments with total tax due collected with first payment
  • All other products purchased that don’t qualify for the payment plan will be charged up front (season long lockers, Sports Center add on, NBU Passes, Night Passes, etc)
  • Your 1st payment will always be larger than the next 6 because it includes all of the tax load
  • Your 1st payment will be whenever you choose through April 27 and subsequent 5 payments will be:
    1. June 10
    2. July 10
    3. August 10
    4. September 10
    5. October 10

For further information on our Season Passes (including the 7 pass products not mentioned above), please visit our season pass page here:

If you have further questions or would like to purchase your passes over the phone (whether with or without the payment plan), you can always call (802) 434-6867