Why YOU Should Try Disc Golf this Summer!

Hi! My name is Andrew, and I’m a part of the marketing team up here at Bolton Valley.  Last fall, I spent a day walking around our Vista Beast Disc Golf Course during the annual Vista Beast Challenge—observing the sport and talking to players.  It was an awesome little view into Vermont’s Disc Golf scene, and a great way to get outside and get a little bit of exercise!  

Times are strange right now.  For a lot of us, Summer 2020 is all about being outside as much as possible and finding our own space.  This is leaving many of us, myself included, looking for new outdoor activities.  I believe that Disc Golf could be just that for a lot of us!

One of the great things about this sport is that even if you decide that it’s not for you, you’ll have easily walked a few miles by the time you finish a leg of the Vista Beast! It’s certainly a nice way to make sure that you get your steps in, and what better way to do it than deep in the Green Mountains?

Disc Golf also happens to be very affordable!  It costs just $5 to play a round here at BV, and it’s only an additional $5 to rent discs.  This means that it only costs $10 to start playing a brand new sport for the very first time!  I can’t think of many other sports with such low barriers to entry.

Furthermore, there is clearly an excellent Disc Golf Community here in Vermont.  The Vista Beast Challenge drew a sold out crowd with many people coming from all over Vermont and beyond.  I was clearly an outsider and a beginner amongst the lot, but I was met with nothing but kindness and an encouragement!  It was really nice to see such positivity and friendliness in what many considered to be a highly competitive tournament.  

Although you likely won’t find me out on the course with a fancy bag and an assortment of hi-tech throwing discs, I certainly enjoyed myself and understand the buzz.  I encourage anyone reading this to come check it out sometime!  If you have interest in playing, stop by the Deli in the main Village circle and get yourself set up to hit the course! More info can be found HERE