Featured Trail of the Week Ep. 3 Lavine’s – Lavine’s Connector – Racecourse – Bottom Out!

Bolton Valley President Lindsay DesLauriers shows off her skills with BV MTB Ambassador Rosy Metcalfe and Skida’s hard-to-keep-up-with fearless leader Corrine Prevot. This run (Lavine’s to Lavine’s Connector to Racecourse to Bottom Out) is the Featured Trial for the Weekly Enduro Series on July 23 (week #3 of the series).

To participate in the series, simply ride ANY of our mountain bike trails (or the Featured Trail, your call) and submit via your preferred tracking app for “credit.” Awards are based on participation at the end of the series, NOT SPEED 😉 That is intentional, by the way…

Pre-ride, Re-ride, Free-ride

A friendly reminder that the majority of our trails are for intermediate and advanced riders, including this week’s featured trails. Please, always preview trails and features before riding them for the first time. Never just ‘send it’ without a proper plan and crew.

Looking for a good example? Check out that A-line drop on Lavine’s in the Trail Preview video above. Lindsay reasonably exercises her option. Some will hit it. The only winners here are those that know their limits and don’t take unnecessary risk… and not busting parts of your body or bike make for a nice trophy, too!