Featured Trail of the Week Ep. 7 – Camp Ride + Camp Loop + Progression Park

Our Mountain Bike Campers are the stars of the show this week for episode 7 of our weekly enduro series! Watch them as they take you though Camp Ride, Camp Loop, and the Progression Park.

While a lot of the terrain at Bolton Valley is quite challenging, the trails featured this week are not! In fact, they are specifically designed to introduce young and/or new riders to the type of terrain found at Bolton Valley. These trails are a great place to start if you’re new to Mountain Biking, or if you want to get a sense of the terrain without going full send.

To participate in the series, simply ride ANY of our mountain bike trails (or the Featured Trail, your call) and submit via your preferred tracking app for “credit.” Awards are based on participation at the end of the series, NOT SPEED ???? That is intentional, by the way… Link to participate HERE