Help Us Name the New Blue Jump Trail

Well, the time has come… that exciting moment in any new trail’s life where we have to come up with a name. But this isn’t just any new trail. This is the new Blue Jump trail, the latest machine built fun from our good friends at Gravity Logic. We’ve opened a couple segments of this Bad Larry over the last year+, but it’s getting close to time to open her up from the top to bottom.

And we could use your help!

We enjoy naming new trails, but the challenge is, we just have so many directions we could take it. So we thought we’d take a moment to hear your opinions on the matter. As with most bike parks, we are mindful of starting / keeping a theme going and we’re sort of lucky to be walking into a few good options there.

(and trail names that go with them)

  1. Aeronautical theme: It’s a jump trail, so an aeronautical theme makes sense… and, not for nothing, we just so happen to already have a trail just next to this one called Wright Bros. Sure, you probably thought that was a tip of the cap to the famed first flight on the Outer Banks near the turn of the 20th Century. Well, it’s not. But for the purposes of this exercise, it sure is handy that folks think that and continuing with that theme we offer you the options:
    Airheart (would probably show up on trail signs as Air + the heart emoji) – this a tip of the cap to Amelia Earhardt, of course
    JetBlue – We find flying the friendly skies with them is generally better than the alternative, and they have those little tv’s in the back of the seat and we love them for that. Also, this suggestion was offered by our hard-working trail crew, so it immediately gets taken seriously.
    Airbus – another one that came from the trail crew. Was also offered as a future black jump trail name. We’re not saying that’s coming any time real soon, but eventually, there can be no doubt and we want to be mindful of that evolution in this process.
  2. Birds Aren’t Real theme: Okay, they might be real, but maybe not… could be spies, could be aliens, could be dinosaurs lost in time, who can be sure really? But whatever the heck those flying marmots are up to, we do like the notion of blue jump and black jump trails becoming:
    Bluebird – birds fly, you’re going to fly on this trail and it allows for the natural step up to Blackbird, or Raven.
    Three Little Birds – sure, checks the bird box, but probably it’s own thing going on here, covered with theme 3 here.
  3. Numerology & Song Double Whammy:
    Three Little Birds – yeah, it sort of fits in the category above, but we like it more as a potential candidate for these 3 reasons: 1. We love Bob Marley and the simple sentiment of this song. We know, we know, that’s some basic b&*^*&^ status right there, but hey, sometimes you just have to submit to the easy button. 2. On the numerology front, this is kind of fun… if you look at our trail map you’ll notice we going from looker’s left to right we’d then have One Love (oh hey gain, Bob), Double Down (2) and then Three Little Birds. Dig, dog? 3. Song themes are fun… We’ve already got One Love in there and it would open up Pandora’s box on all new trail names going forward (in fact, the Blackbird idea offered above would work on this front as well).
  4. Whip it Real Good: in some regards this last suggested trail name you’ll have the opportunity to vote on sort of fits into that the song bucket as well, if we just make it all about Devo’s classic “Whip It.” Which if you just clicked that link and watched that video, tell me you’re not happy and don’t want to go rip some jumps on your bike? So we offer you:
    Cool Whip – Song aside, let’s face it, this spreadable imitation whipped cream is more of a lifestyle than a food product. As would it be it’s grown up more advanced sibling Miracle Whip for the black jump trail in the years to come.
  5. Zoolander / Movies Theme: This one isn’t a slam dunk on the theme train, per se, but we just think it’s a really funny (and fun) trail name to consider, so we’re adding it here:
    Blue Steel – “I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is.” Psssst, Derek, you just might find the enlightenment you seek on this trail…

What do you think we should do?

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