Jack Jumper and Snow Deck Policy

2018-2019 Jack Jump and Snow deck policy

1)   All Jack Jumpers and Snow Decks must be inspected by a BV ski shop technician before being used on the mountain to ensure the equipment is safe and meets Vermont tramway requirements.

2)   Ski shop technician will put a passed inspection sticker on the equipment once the inspection is complete and passed.

3)   All devices will have an adequate safety leash. This will be determined by the ski shop technician at time of inspection.

4)   Equipment will also be observed by ski patrol, lift maintenance, and lift operations. If they feel the equipment is unsafe they have the right to keep the rider from using the device on the mountain

5)   Riders will only be permitted to ride Vista, Mid Mountain, and Timberline lifts.

6)   Jack Jumpers will load only two people for a quad chair and one person for a double chair.

7)   Jack Jumpers and Snow Deck riders are required to follow the national ski association skiers conduct rules.

8)   All riders will be treated as foot passengers when loading and unloading the lifts. No exceptions!

9)   All devices must have metal edges.

10) Must have a valid season pass or lift ticket.