Your Responsibility Code and Woods Skiing and Riding

Know The Code

Watch the Know The Code Training Program Video.

Skiing and snowboarding can be enjoyed in many ways. At ski areas you may see people using alpine, snowboard, telemark, cross country and other specialized ski equipment, like monoskis used by disabled or other skiers. Regardless of how you decide to enjoy the slopes, always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are elements of risk in skiing that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Observe the code listed below and share with other skiers the responsibility for a great skiing experience.

  • Always stay in control.
  • People ahead of you have the right of way.
  • Stop in a safe place for you and others.
  • Whenever starting downhill or merging, look uphill and yield.
  • Use devices to help prevent runaway equipment.
  • Observe signs and warnings, and keep off closed trails.
  • Know how to use the lifts safely.
  • Be safety conscious and KNOW THE CODE. IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY

Smart Style Freestyle Terrain Safety Initiative

Watch the Terrain Park Smart Style Training Program Video.

  • Make a Plan
  • Look Before You Leap
  • Easy Style It
  • Respect Gets Respect

Skiing and Riding off Designated Trails

If you ski or ride off the groomed trails, beyond the designated gladed trails and/or in the woods, including those wooded areas identified on maps with a grey circle tree icon, you leave the open and designated trails at our Resort. Bolton Valley Resort is not responsible for any damage or injury to any person who utilizes the ski area facilities to access terrain outside the open and designated trails. [12 V.S.A. 1038.] Vermont law also states that you may be billed for search and rescue activities for your rescue.

Woods Skiing and Riding

  • Open and designated trails at Bolton Valley Resort are generally within the groomed edges of trails. Designated gladed trails are also available which are not generally groomed but are clearly marked on our maps as designated gladed trails with one of these three icons 1) a blue circle with a tree, 2) a black, solid border circle with a tree or 3) a black dashed border circle with a tree. 
  • All other areas, including woods that are accessible from Bolton Valley Resort facilities, including those wooded areas identified on maps with a grey circle tree icon, are not part of the designated trails.
  • If you choose to ski/ride in the woods (or in other non-designated areas), please know that these areas are not opened, closed, inspected, marked, or patrolled in any way by Bolton Valley Resort. 
  • The woods will contain countless hazards and can be life-threatening, including the possibility of being severely injured in remote locations and/or becoming lost and freezing to death. Search and rescue operations are conducted in Vermont woods each winter for lost skiers and riders who choose to leave the designated terrain and ski or ride in the woods. 
  • If you do chose to ski or ride in the woods, or otherwise leave the designated trails, please be sure you are prepared to endure extreme conditions. Never ski or ride in the woods alone and never enter the woods after 3:00 in the afternoon.


More Online Resources for Safety Tips

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