Five Year Green Pass

Bolton Valley has always been a neighborhood ski community. Ralph DesLauriers founded Bolton Valley in 1966, with a commitment to serve local families. Much of the DesLauriers family still live slopeside at Bolton Valley and work (and ski) at the mountain daily. The DesLauriers’ know that it is the support of passionate Bolton Valley skiers and riders that makes this place so special.

Discussions about how to improve your experience at Bolton Valley always seem to start and end in the same place: with the snow. After all it’s the snow that draws everyone to the mountain each winter. While we can’t control how much natural snow falls, we do have the ability to make snow. But that snow comes with a cost.

We currently rent diesel compressors each season for our snowmaking operation. Relying on diesel is not exactly environmentally friendly. The solution is to purchase new high-efficiency, electric compressors. This will reduce the amount of diesel fuel that we use by an average of 25,000 gallons per year and allow us to extend our snowmaking season, ensuring a better base of snow all season long at Bolton Valley.

High efficiency, environmentally friendly, electric compressors are clearly the way to go to improve skier experience and do the right thing by the environment. But, as with most things, there is an upfront cost associated with it. This is where you come in.

In order to raise the money to purchase new high-efficiency, electric compressors, which will extend our snowmaking season and reduce our carbon impact, Bolton Valley is selling a limited number of Five Year Green Passes. The pass is $2200 and will allow you to ski for the next five seasons, giving you five seasons of snow filled fun, for less than the price of four.


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Five Year Green Pass Details:

  • The Five Year Green Pass Pass is for adults only (ages 26-64) and is valid from the time of purchase through the end of the 2022-2023 Season.
  • Pass holder age is determined by their age on 12/1/18. If you will not be between the ages of 26 – 64 on 12/1/18, you may still purchase the pass but there is not a discounted rate.
  • The Five Year Green Pass comes with all the benefits that an Adult All Access Season Pass comes with, in a given season. Benefits may vary from season to season. This includes discounts on passes for dependents if offered in a given season.
  • All sales are final. The Five Year Green Pass is non-refundable and non-transferable to any other person for any reason. No rollovers to seasons beyond the 2022-2023 season will be allowed. No refund will be made in the event the passholder is unable, for any reason, to use the Five Year Green Pass during all or part of the five season period; or if the resort has limited operations or closure at anytime during the five season period. 
  • Use of the Season Pass by anyone other than the person to whom the Pass is issued may result in confiscation of Pass and revocation of privileges at Bolton Valley and/or prosecution for theft.
  • Passholder agrees to carry and voluntarily display the pass at all times when using lift and ski/snowboard facilities.
  • The Five Year Green Pass comes with Pass Protection in each of the five seasons. Loss of a Pass must be reported immediately to Bolton Valley Guest Services. A Pass will be replaced for no fee once each season. The original Pass will be deactivated/made invalid. No person may hold more than one Pass. A replacement fee of $50.00 per occurrence will be charged if the pass is lost more than once in a season.
  • A Pass may be confiscated and/or privileges revoked for actions which violate the law, area and/or lift rules and regulations, resort rules and regulations (written or unwritten), or actions that may endanger the Passholder and others. I, the Passholder, agree to follow the NSAA, NSP, & PSIA endorsed "Your Responsibility Code", and Resort rules & policies.
  • De-facing the Pass with stickers, tearing, cutting, or any other means of changing its condition or making it illegible will render the Pass invalid. A de-faced Pass must be replaced for a fee of $50.00 per Pass to retain skiing/riding privileges.
  • Bolton Valley Passholders must purchase a regular lift ticket at the rate of $30.00 when Pass is forgotten. 
  • Any attempt to gain access to Bolton Valley lifts (by a Passholder/Ticket holder) by any fraudulent means will be subject to an imposed fine, Pass/Ticket confiscation, Pass privileges revoked, and subject to prosecution under the State of Vermont theft of services laws at the discretion of Bolton Valley.
  • If Bolton Valley is sold to another party, during the five year period, the green passes will be considered a liability of the company and the passes will remain valid. 
  • In the event that green pass sales are insufficient to cover the cost of purchasing compressors, five year passes will remain valid and proceeds from the sale will  be redirected to support other improvements to your skier experience