It’s Going Down, We’re Yelling Timber[line]

Timberline Lift Line

It’s here folks, Timberline lift and lodge open this weekend for the season, and it is going to be a very good time. We’ll be serving free coffee until 10am in the newly-renovated Timberline Lodge, so parking at that lot and taking the lift up is a smart play this weekend. The bar will be open with light snacks, donuts, draft beer, soft drinks, and friendly faces starting at 9 when the lift spins.

At 11am we have an extra treat for the Timby enthusiasts, with the El Gato Food Truck posting up in the Timberline Lot from 11-4. Get some turns in and then get some tacos, it truly does not get a whole lot better than that. There’s been over 20″ of fresh snow accumulation in the last week, and there are still hidden gems all over the mountain. Come on out to Wilderness, Timberline, or Vista and see for yourself, the mountain is fantastic right now. For the Saturday late-crowd, don’t forget to catch local favorites “The Fog” playing in the Tavern at 8:30!

Whether you’re coming up to cruise the groomers or blast through natural terrain, dance to a band or get something to eat, this weekend is going to be undeniably awesome.