Side Hit Sunday on Sherman’s Pass

Some days the whole world thinks the conditions are terrible and there’s going to be crazy crowds anyway and you’re better off just staying home. Sunday, December 27, 2020, just two days after the brutal Grinch Storm that befell the entire northeast on Christmas Day (carrying A LOT of r**n with it) came and went without a lot of fanfare around here frankly.

Our Mountain Ops team did a great job putting everything back together Saturday just in time for 5″ of fresh snow Saturday into Sunday. Amazing what a little assist from Mother Nature can do to fill in the gaps and soften things up.

And so it was, Sunday morning of the first “peak” holiday weekend of the season and here we were with a slow start to a pow day. So we sent one of our instructors out to show us a casual lap on Sherman’s Pass off Vista Lift mid to late morning. As you can see, pretty mellow and fun.

How do you Sherman?

Show us with #HowToSherman on Sherman’s Pass trail or #BoltonSideHits anywhere else on mountain. We’ll be sending it on this blog, our Instagram feed, and the Bolton Valley YouTube channel and to a lesser degree our Facebook feed… or write it in the snow, take a polaroid and snail mail it to your Nana. All good.

Hope to see you around the mountain soon!