Story Time with Ralph – S3E1 – “The Pusher Trucks”

Anyone who’s skied Bolton Valley knows about the pitches and potential perils of the access road. The serpentine strip that stands between skiers and those sweet snowy slopes can be difficult for modern vehicles to traverse, so in the 1970’s when cars were all rear-wheel-drive, it did not take much to create a jam that blocked the flow of traffic in both directions. In this episode of Story Time with Ralph, our fearless founder Ralph Deslauriers recounts the tale of a particularly inventive solution to a recurring problem.

In this episode Ralph talks about one of the most sought-after positions on the Bolton Valley crew, the driving of the pusher trucks. Even Ralph himself would take turns as few other jobs on the mountain were quite as fun as driving a modified pickup truck up and down the winding dirt road of Bolton Vermont. Stay tuned for more origin stories of our beloved mountain as we kick off Season 3 of Story Time with Ralph!