Introducing The 20-21 Pass Purchase Protection Plan

Lindsay DesLauriers takes a beak from ripping the Bolton Valley slopes, March 2020

Before we share more detail on the Pass Purchase Protection Plan, we’d like to just take a moment to thank our cherished passholders that have already bought their passes for next season. Thank you. It means more than you can ever know to have your continued support, appreciation, and trust. We are doing absolutely everything we can to ensure it’s a safe and fun winter season for everyone and can’t wait to see you on the slopes this winter.

Sure, there are plenty of “what if’s” for next winter season and none of us have a crystal ball. We want you to be able to buy with confidence and that’s why we’ve created the 20-21 Pass Purchase Protection Plan to help you make your purchase with relative ease.

There are essentially 3 scenarios we’re safe guarding:
1. We are closed for the winter
2. We have a shortened season due to COVID-19
3. We are open, but you are uncomfortable skiing and riding with us for any reason.

Here’s how we intend to protect your purchase should any of these scenarios come to pass:

1. If closed for the entire 2020-21 winter season: Your pass will be deferred to the following season (2021-22). No cash refunds. Like product for like product. Not transferable. If you’d like to upgrade your pass product, your previous year’s purchase will serve as a credit toward that purchase (i.e. would like to go from a Night Pass to an All Terrain Day & Night Pass, for instance)
2. If we have a 2020-21 season shorter than 11 weeks: If we have a season that is shorter than 11 weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not due to weather/conditions, (equivalent of Christmas though mid March) then for each week that the season is shorter than 11, you will get 10% off the purchase of your 2021-22 season pass. Example: If our 2020-21 season is 9 weeks – you will get 20% off your 2021-22 season pass.
3. If we are open, but you are uncomfortable coming to the mountain due to the coronavirus / COVID-19 and will not use your pass: Must notify us by 12/1/20.  You must not have skied on your pass. If you meet these two conditions, we will turn off your pass for the year and you will get 80% off your purchase applied to your 2021-22 season pass purchase. No cash value. Credit can be used for 21-22 season pass purchases only.

We hope this helps assure you that we will do absolutely everything we can to make sure next winter is one for the record books while also being sure to protect our staff, guests and community at the same time. We will continue to follow the lead of state health and government officials and do absolutely everything we can to safeguard the skiing and riding guest experience next winter, but on the off chance next winter is impacted by the virus, we’ll protect you there, too!