Introducing The 20-21 Pass Purchase Protection Plan

Lindsay DesLauriers takes a beak from ripping the Bolton Valley slopes, March 2020

May 2020 Update:
Payment plans are offered on purchases made through June 30, 2020. If the payment plan option is selected, your purchase will be made in monthly installments through October. The first payment will include all taxes owed on total purchase amount + full up front payment on products that don’t qualify for the payment plan (such as Ski Bum, Child, Senior+, NBU, Night & Midweek Passes as well as seasonal lockers, rental equipment, Sports Center Access Add-on, etc). After the initial (larger) payment at initial purchase, the rest of your (smaller) equal monthly payments will draft on the 10th of each month through October.

Here we are, with the first season pass sale deadline of the year under a week away and what a few weeks it has been around here trying to make this 2020-21 season pass sale as comfortable a decision for you and your family as we possibly can, like:

  1. The newest adjustment was the creation of our 20-21 Pass Purchase Protection Plan. This was designed to protect our beloved passholders should the coronavirus pandemic negatively impact our 20-21 winter season. See below for more details on this one.
  2. We pushed the first deadline back 3 weeks – from April 6 to next Monday, April 27.
  3. Our new payment plan option – make your first payment now, but the next 5 installments will be drafted on the 10th of month, June through October. Go here for more on the new payment plan option.
  4. Being a locally owned and operated independent business…. oh wait, that’s not new, but we sure do like saying it 😉

Before we share more detail on the Pass Purchase Protection Plan, we’d like to just take a moment to thank our cherished passholders that have already bought their passes for next season. Thank you. It means more than you can ever know to have your continued support and appreciation. Some days, it’s what gets us through these challenging times. We know, with your help, next season has the potential to be one for the record books.

That said, in response to some inquiries over the last week+ about “what if’s” for next winter season, we’ve created the 20-21 Pass Purchase Protection Plan to help you make your purchase in confidence. There are essentially 3 scenarios we’re looking to protect you against, should the coronavirus threat continue into next winter as well: 1. We are closed for the winter 2. We have a short season 3. We are open, but you are uncomfortable skiing and riding with us on account of the virus. Here’s how we intend to protect your purchase should any of these scenarios come to pass:

1. If closed for the entire 2020-21 winter season: Your pass will be deferred to the following season (2021-22). No cash refunds. Like product for like product. Not transferable. If you’d like to upgrade your pass product, your previous year’s purchase will serve as a credit toward that purchase (i.e. would like to go from a Night Pass to an All Terrain Day & Night Pass, for instance)
2. If we have a 2020-21 season shorter than 11 weeks: If we have a season that is shorter than 11 weeks (equivalent of Christmas though mid March) then for each week that the season is shorter than 11, you will get 10% off the purchase of your 2021-22 season pass. Example: If our 2020-21 season is 9 weeks – you will get 20% off your 2021-22 season pass.
3. If we are open, but your are uncomfortable coming to the mountain due to the coronavirus / COVID-19 and will not use your pass: Must notify us by 12/1/20.  You must not have skied on your pass. If you meet these two conditions, we will turn off your pass for the year and you will get 80% off your purchase applied to your 2021-22 season pass purchase. 

We hope this helps assure you that we will do absolutely everything we can to make sure next winter is one for the record books while also being sure to protect our staff, guests and community at the same time. We will continue to follow the lead of state health and government officials and do absolutely everything we can to safeguard the skiing and riding guest experience next winter, but on the off chance next winter is impacted by the virus, we’ll protect you there, too!