Backcountry Trip Report 12/12/18

December Powder Snow

This post is a guest contribution from one of our Bolton Valley Backcountry Guides, Alek Jadkowsky

Northwest wind and upslope snow usually mean good skiing in Ricker Basin and Cottonbrook, and mother nature delivered! Today’s tour brought me back to a favorite zone in Ricker Basin for the first time this season. Overall, the skiing was excellent, with 10-12” of blower powder on top of a supportive crust. Snow depths above 2500’ are around three feet, and the crust kept me above the obstacles lurking deeper under the snow. We are not quite to a mid-season snowpack yet, but it is getting close and the terrain is really starting to open up.

A couple of safety notes: There are plenty of new, large trees down across the Woodward trail, so ski carefully until you learn the new lines. There is also plenty of open water, so what looks like a small roller may turn out to be a gaping hole in the snow. Don’t ask me how I know. Grab a buddy, make a plan, and get out there to enjoy the snow! See you in the backcountry!