Dropping Into the Ski Industry: My Takeaways

Hey Skiers and riders, my name is Zoe Rogers and I am the newest addition to the Bolton Valley Marketing Squad! As a recent graduate of Saint Michael’s College I am passionate about the Vermont community and all things mountain sports.

Growing up in Shelton CT, I spent countless hours driving up north to ski Vermont’s northern mountains. This challenged my skiing knowledge and abilities #SKITHEEAST

I couldn’t be happier to presently be exploring the amazing wonders of Bolton Valley and provide you an insider scoop on all things Ski & Ride (and of course après).

On my first day my coworkers asked my goal for days on snow, only having 2 days under my belt, I confidently answered 20 days. They all laughed as I was clueless to the joke I had made. As I now write this I have logged 24 days on the slopes. My new goal is 50 days which will be a personal best. After just 3 weeks on the job, it is undeniable how much of a community Bolton Valley is. Everyone works together and helps each other out to execute and partake in our wonderful events such as music, corporate race league & babe force, to name a few. The ski culture and community is all about challenging yourself, helping others and appreciating the beauty that surrounds us, and Bolton Valley is no exception. I am grateful for this opportunity to have what is not just a leisure activity be my job as well.

This experience has already taught me what it takes to make a mountain operate seamlessly. Boot rental lessons for fitting properly, what good snowmaking weather really is, the excitement when dropping those ropes to open fresh terrain, and how to execute an event from beginning to end are just a few of the things I have learned and experienced so far. Most importantly, I am learning how to capture all of these experiences and share them with the rest of you!

Stay tuned to see what else Bolton is going to be up to this winter!!