Letters From Lindsay: Volume 5

Lindsay DesLauriers Skiing Bolton Valley March 2020

April 19, 2020

To Our Once and Future Passholders,

You probably know that our first season pass deadline is coming up in just about a week – Monday, April 27th.  My message to you, in a nutshell, is:  I hope you will buy your pass for next year now – you’ll get the lowest price of the year, of course, but you will also be doing the most powerful thing you can do to support Bolton Valley, our staff, and our commitment to our future. 

The governor announced on Friday that we can start to bring some of our staff back to work this week.  That’s good news – we have a lot of work that needs to be done every summer so that we’re ready to spin the lifts safely by opening day.  And I’ve been getting frequent e-mails and texts from our team asking when they can come back – yeah, the “government ski team” is cool for a little while, but as it turns out they want to get back to work.  It’s actually pretty fun working up here and there’s a lot to do. 

And – it’s not just the work we have to do to get ready for next winter, but – as I’ve said to our team up here at Bolton, it’s critical this summer and throughout this entire COVID experience –  that we not only keep our focus on protecting our current business, but we must also maintain our growth mindset. 

Bolton Valley is at the front end of an exciting time in our evolution.  We’re thinking about this summer and next winter, but we’re also thinking about next summer and the winters and summers after that.  In these challenging times when small businesses like ours are forced to confront our very survival, we don’t want to lose sight of our focus on improving your experience and expanding our activities to give you (and your kids) more ways to get into the mountains in the winter and the summertime too. 

The main thing we need to do is get our staff back to work.  And to do that, as much as they love working here, we have to pay them.  It’s that simple.  So – please – lose yourself in day dreams about sunshiny powder days, perfect edgeable corduroy, sparkling rainbows of glistening snow on every branch of every tree, pink and purple sunsets over the lake from the peak of Vista, après at the James Moore Tavern, and, if you can, buy your season pass for next year now. 

Thank you.