Season Long Backcountry Leases are Sold Out!

glen plake and adam deslauriers at Botlon Valley

In our very first year of offering season long leases for backcountry gear, we have completely sold out the inventory!  That’s right… our fleet of Burton Splitboards & Dynafit Alpine Touring Setups have been reserved for the winter 2020/21 season, and we couldn’t be more proud.  It’s a difficult time to be starting anything, but we feel like we picked the right time to get this program off the ground.  We already can’t wait to expand next year!

There are always barriers when it comes to getting into the backcountry, and the cost of the gear is certainly one of the biggest that we’ve been able to identify.  We want to do everything we can to expand our Backcountry Program and get more folks into the backcountry.  We saw this winter as a great time to just that.  There’s no better place to social distance than in the expansive backcountry of Bolton Valley.  However, we realized that because of all the current financial uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, it may be a tough time to purchase your first backcountry set up.  We saw this program as a way to get people out into the backcountry at a fraction of the cost of buying a new setup! 

One of the coolest parts about our new season long backcountry rental program is that you can use your gear ANYWHERE.  You’re not just restricted to the Bolton Valley backcountry.  You’re totally free to take your gear as far as you desire to explore!  There are plenty of awesome spots nearby with expansive trail networks like RASTA (Rochester/Randolph Area Sports Trail Alliance) and the Trapp Family Lodge just to name a few.

If you were hoping to reserve backcountry equipment for the 2020/21 winter season, but were unable to do so before we sold out.. Don’t worry!  We have you covered!  We still have a hefty rental fleet of Dynafit Alpine Touring Setups and Burton/Weston Splitboards that will be available for daily rentals for the upcoming winter.  

There’s no denying that theses are strange times that seem to be getting stranger by the day, but one thing is for certain… the snow will come and the mountains aren’t going anywhere!  The backcountry is calling this year, and we’d love to help you get out there. Visit our Backcountry Page on our website for lessons, rentals, and more info on how you can get started now!