Spring Season Pass Sale Updates

Okay, here’s the too long, didn’t read summary for you:
1. The first season pass deadline has been pushed back 3 weeks (originally April 6, now April 27)
2. We’re implementing a payment plan option for those that would like to spread the payments out over several months – this is a work in progress, stay tuned for more details
3. We are a small, local, independent business and your support means everything to us, especially right now. Thank you!

And now for those that have a few more minutes….

Like last year, we still plan to have 2 early season pass sale deadlines. Typically the first one would be early April and the second one would be late May, but we’ve decided to shift the first deadline back 3 weeks to April 27 to give everyone more time to settle into the new flow here. We hope this 3 week pass deadline extension for the lowest pass prices of the year will give people more time to make the right decision for them and their family. And let’s face it, these early pass sale deadlines are CRITICAL to the viability of our ski resort. We count on this capital to sustains us through the quieter summer months and it helps us keep as much year round staff as we possibly can and also hire back all our beloved seasonal staff as early as we possibly can in the fall to prepare for a great season!

We know this is really challenging times for many out there. We’re with you. We were all caught off guard here and maybe you’re getting sick of hearing platitudes like “we’re all in this together,” but frankly, that’s really how we feel. Without you there is no us. So if you are able to support our independent, locally owned and operated ski resort during one of our early season pass sales, we are especially grateful this year. Thank you.

And in that spirit, we are super excited to announce that we are implementing a payment plan option this year! We hope this will empower some of you to join us, knowing that next winter will come and call us crazy, but we think it’s gonna be a pretty amazing season. I mean, let’s face it, as soon as we’re able to fully gather outside together again, it’s gonna feel pretty dang good, don’t you think?

Stay tuned as we dial in the details on the payment plan in the coming weeks. In all likelihood, it will take us a couple weeks to integrate this with our payment systems both online and at points of sale for phone and over-the-counter transactions (whenever the latter can resume – will be all online and phone sales for now, thank you).

Did we mention that we are a locally owned and operated business?

There are really 4 things that sustain us:
1. Our beloved staff (thank you!)
2. Our cherished guests – we miss your faces!
3. Our incredible community – how lucky are we to call this place home?
4. Our own business viability and sustainability

And these 4 things really couldn’t be more intertwined. Pull any one of those threads out of the mix and everything’s impacted. It feels strange to try and sell anything right now, but we also know that the best way for us to take care of the first 3 constituencies above is to also do everything we possibly can to look after #4. If you are fortunate enough to be in a position to do so, we can’t thank you enough for your support. We are, truly, in this together!