Storybook Year 3 of Blauvelt’s Banks

Snowboarders Danny Davis and Shayne Pospisil pose for pictures as they accept their awards at the 2023 Blauvelt's Banks

Sunday Final Results

Saturday Qualifying Results | Saturday Live Stream* | Sunday Live Stream*

*Live stream video footage courtesy of our friends at Capture Sports

Although we’ll often tell you bird is the word, this past weekend we’re going with storybook. And if you were among the hundreds of folks gathered in the Sunday afternoon sunshine as Jake announced the winners of each category and handed out prizes, you know what we’re talking about. Sure, there’s always room for improvement, and boy will we BRING IT for year 4 in 2024, but honestly… we’ll be flying high on the vibes from the incredible community that turned out this weekend for quite some time.

So how does this story go?

Take one part protagonist: Jake Blauvelt – kind, hard working, talented, generous, thoughtful – and mix in the local + international snowboarding community that always passes the vibe check. Now let’s throw in a world class banked slalom course and generous support from various sponsors culminating in great prizes, great fun and why not make it a fundraiser while we’re at it?

Want more?

Welllllll…. Bolton Valley is where it all began for Jake. Back in the 90s when he was a wee chap, he would board the bus after school and get dropped off at the mountain – a program that continues strong today with 20+ area schools. After determining skiing just wasn’t for him he turned sideways and never turned back. And the sideways surfing bug that caught him went on to direct much of Jake’s life since. After years of travelling the world and making Mount Baker out west his adopted home, he’s returned to Vermont to raise his own family in nearby Waterbury and looking to give back to the snowboarding and local community that has given him so much. Year one of the event benefited Protect Our Winters (P.O.W.) and the last couple years he’s shifted his focus on a local initiative near and dear to his heart – the planned Waterbury Skatepark project.

Throw in a glorious weekend of weather, a new location (the Timberline Base Area with newly renovated lodge) and expanded field thanks to the new two day format and apparently that results in an all time weekend here on the mountain. Thank you to all the incredible folks that turned out and brought the stoke Saturday morning right on through to Sunday evening. Full on soul shakedown party out there in the afternoon sun.

And thank you, Jake – for so many things – but most notably for bringing this incredible event to Bolton Valley and for being such an incredible role model for all the young families that call this special place home. Proud to have the opportunity to partner with you, your team and your sponsors long into the future.