Thank You, Winter Staff!

Ski & Ride Instructors at Bolton Valley

On the 9th day following our abrupt COVID-19 pandemic induced closing, it snowed quite a bit at Bolton Valley, which got us thinking:

Waking up to fresh snow this morning hurt a little bit, we’re not gonna lie. Sort of a torrent of mixed emotions. On the one hand, that instinctual “Woo-hoo!” that comes with each fresh snowfall is hard to quell. It’s been many years in the making. But today it was quickly followed (for many of us) by a keen awareness of just how much we miss the busy morning that would have been.

For those of you that have never had the pleasure, working at a ski resort in the winter can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. The vast majority of the employees here are avid skiers and riders themselves… go figure. So on morning’s like these, everyone on our staff wants to be on that first chair themselves, but there’s a collective understanding that it’s actually a work day that requires more out of all of us to make that first chair and many that follow as good a guest experience as we possibly can. From the all night grooming team, to the collective efforts to clear parking lots, walkways, stairs and lift loading and unloading areas, to assessing terrain and trails that may suddenly be sendable, to staffing up with extra attendants at various points of sale in anticipation of the pow-hungry mob, we’re all in it together. Moments of celebratory dancing in gratitude for the snow inter-mixed with groans from the fatigued horde of shovelers. We miss it all right now, that’s for sure.

So if we could, just for a moment…

To all our staff who’s winter season came to an all-too-sudden end last week: Thank YOU! This is certainly not the way any of us envisioned the season ending – especially missing the chance to gather for the annual end of year party together! We’ll make up for it next year, rest assured. We also hope it brings some comfort to know that the lifts will spin and snow will fly again. And don’t worry, there will probably be plenty of shoveling to do again, too. Okay, maybe we don’t miss that quite yet… but we do miss you and are reflecting on just how fortunate we were to share this season with you.

Thank you!