The Nordic Center offers rental equipment for you to get out and enjoy some of the best Nordic Skiing and Snowshoeing in New England. We have high quality, easy to use Nordic ski and snowshoe rentals. Rentals include classic, skate, backcountry skis and snowshoes for adults as well as classic skis and snowshoes for children.

2016-17 Full Day Rentals (prices include 6% sales tax)  
Nordic Ski Packages - Includes skis, boots and poles $22
Nordic Ski Package - Child skis, boots, poles $12
Skate Package - skis, boots and poles $30
Backcountry Ski Package - Includes Skis, boots and poles     $40
Backcountry telescoping poles only $10
Poles only $5
Snowshoes and poles $20
Snowshoes - Kids $12
Pulk $10/hour or max $30 per day
Fat Bike Rental - 2 Hours $30
Fat Bike Rental - 1 Hour $20


Rental Equipment Detail Information 

Basic Rental

  • Adult $22 and Youth $12
  • Rossignol EVO Classic Waxless Skis or
  • Rossignol EVO Trail Waxless Skis 
  • Rossignol Classic Boots
  • Exel and Rossignol Poles

Skate Equipment

  • Adult $30
  • Rossignol Skate Skis and Skate Boots
  • Exel and Rossignol Poles

Backcountry Equipment

  • Adult $40
  • Rossignol BC 90 Skis 
  • Rossignol BCX10 Boots
  • Black Diamond Telescoping Poles


  • Adult $20 and Youth $10 (includes snowshoes and poles)
  • TSL 
  • Tubbs
  • MSR


  • $10/ Hour or Max $30 day (rental comes with a blanket to keep kids warm)
  • Kinder Shuttle by Wilderness Equipment for carrying kids
  • Base Camp by Wilderness Equipment for carrying equipment or kids

Rentals are due back by 4:00 PM.
Credit card information is required in case of loss, theft, or damage