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Trails are Open for Uphill/Pedal Access!

*** All Mountain Bike Trail Access Will Require a Valid Day Ticket or Season Pass Whether Lift Riding OR Pedaling Uphill ***

Lift Service Begins July 1, 2021: Read All About It

Trail Report

6/12/21 9:30 am Update:

Recently Opened: Outlaw, Vista Glades, Sleepy Hollow & Broken Bridge (check out Skills with Phil POV cam of the new berms).

It’s a beautiful day up here, and the trails are freshly tuned and plenty dry after this past week’s rain. It’s going to be an awesome couple days up here! Don’t forget, we have creemees and donuts today from 12-5pm at the back window by the tavern deck. Come have yourself a Saturday!

Outlaw is now open! The crew put on the finishing touches this morning, and the trail is now freshly tuned and ready to rip.

Vista Glades is another prime example of the work our full time trail crew is putting in to re-work our trail network with the help of world class trail builders Gravity Logic. Vista Glades, along with the recently re-opened (and re-worked) Broken Bridge and the top to bottom upgrade of Double Down are just a hint of all the great things to come. We are literally checking our mailbox every day for the last of our permits to begin work on 7+ miles of totally NEW trail including more flowy greens/blues. Details to be announced soon. We. Cannot. Wait.

Head’s up that we will be performing some lift tower work on top half of Vista Lift line starting Monday, June 14 at which point the top of Vista Peak will be closed to all traffic for a few days. We’ll keep you posted as we conduct that work to let you know when the peak re-opens.

Trail Crew’s Working On:
– Berm work on Vista Glades this morning
– Ongoing mowing on ALL OPEN TRAILS going on this week, please beware of mountain ops as they move through the trails
– Top of Vista Peak is closed to ALL TRAFFIC beginning Monday, June 14 for some lift tower work that should only take a few days. We’ll keep you posted as it re-opens.
– Tom from Gravity Logic is getting after a minor re-work to Enchanted Forest

Extra Caution: Still a little greasy out there in spots from the rain a couple days ago, but drying out nicely for the most part. For those of you in the Progression Zone beware of the big hole in the ground by the Sports Center and ongoing construction/machines as local legends Landshapes puts in our new outdoor pool.

A few friendly reminders:

– The trails on Vista and Wilderness terrain are for intermediate and advanced riders only at this time. We look very forward (permits pending) to building 7+ miles of new green/blue flow trails with Gravity Logic in the years to come, but our most beginner friendly trails can be found down by the Sports Center (see map below – “Progression Zone” and neighboring trails)

– The ONLY way to start your climb to mountain bike is via the Wilderness RFID gate and Wilderness Work Road. If you haven’t printed your ticket or pass, you can do so with one of the attendants there. No other uphill routes currently permitted.

– Please use caution and Pre Ride, Re Ride, Free Ride. Please ride with extra caution as there are definitely areas of “sudden slickness” throughout our trails this time of year.

– On that front, beware of the hole in the ground down by the Sports Center this weekend as well as we’ve just dug out the spot for our new outdoor pool

Please note, a ticket or pass is REQUIRED to access the trails today. We will have someone at the base of Wilderness today until 5pm. You can buy and print tickets and passes right there! Pro tip: Buy yours ahead of time HERE, and load it onto your existing Mountain Card OR come get your fresh card today at our ticket pickup box. The only way up today is through the gate at the Wilderness Lift Shack.

Please abide by all trail and mountain signage, but see trail report below for open/close trail status as of last report.

Our full time mountain bike trail crew has been hard at work getting the trails ready for an incredible 2021 season! We are also so grateful for our partner Gravity Logic, who has helped us re-work some of our existing trail network and will help us build out new trails, pending State of Vermont permitting. Stay tuned for more information on that front, once permitting is complete…


We plan to open all trails not marked CLOSED tomorrow (5/29)

  1. 1 Love (Trail Preview with OGE Enduro Race Team + Adam Morse)
  2. Double Down (Trail Preview with Mack & Greg | 2019 Trail Preview with Sarah & Adam – before the fresh trail work)
  3. Lavigne’s (Trail Preview with Lindsay, Corrine & Rosy)
  4. Lavigne’s Connector (Trail Preview with Lindsay, Corrine & Rosy)
  5. Racecourse (2020 Trail Preview with Lindsay, Corrine & Rosy | 2019 Trail Preview with Sarah & Adam)
  6. Pit Loop
  7. Vista Glades
  8. Ledges
  9. 00 (Trail Preview with Elliot, Tim & Mack) – Trail is pronounced “Double Aught”
  10. Coleslaw
  11. Outslaw
  12. Hard Luck ChuteCLOSED
  13. Waterfall – Lower Waterfall CLOSED
  14. Hydra (Trail Preview with Sarah & Adam)
  15. Little Rock
  16. Danger Pond (Trail Preview with Sarah & Adam)
  17. Sleepy Hollow
  18. Boulder Gap (Trail Preview with summer campers)
  19. Powerlines
  20. Enchanted ForestCLOSED (2019 Trail Preview w Rosy & Clair | 2020 Trail Preview with summer campers)
  21. Bottom Out (Trail Preview with Sarah & Adam)
  22. Camp Loop (Trail Preview with our summer campers & Nick, Dir. of Guest Experience)
  23. Camp Ride (Trail Preview with our summer campers & Nick, Dir. of Guest Experience)
  24. Progression Zone (Trail Preview with our summer campers & Nick, Dir. of Guest Experience)
  25. Spillway ChuteCLOSED
  26. Broken Bridge
  27. Wilderness Work Road
  28. Vista Work Road
  29. Swing
  30. Sprig O’ Pine
  31. Lower Villager
  32. Upper Villager
  33. Outlaw

New 2021 Trail Map!

Click on the image below to view our full-sized Mountain Biking trail map.