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Age determined by age on Jan 1, 2023

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ProgramRequirementAgesPrice Hours Per SessionDays in Session
Level 3+4-6$500**2.510
Ridge Runners
(For Skiers)
Independent Lift Rider
Level 3+
Ridge Riders
(For Snowboarders)
Independent Lift Rider
Level 3+
7 – 12 $600**410
Development &
Competition Teams
Independent Lift Rider
Level 9+
Thursday Throwdown
Freeride Team
Independent Lift Rider
Level 9+
10- 18$275**28
Learn to Ski/Ride

Beginners &
Never Evers Only
(For all 3 Lessons)
$60 for 3-week Rentals
$40 for 3-week Lift Tickets
**Please note that All Season Long Programs DO NOT come with a lift ticket, lunch or rental equipment.
Lift tickets and season passes can be purchased separately HERE

Bolton Valley’s season-long weekend instructional program is for families who choose to ski or ride with high frequency throughout the winter with weekly programs set up for Thursdays, Saturdays and/or Sundays. The program’s primary focus is on building a strong fundamental base to help participants enjoy a lifetime of skiing and riding. The Ridge Runner program aims to give each young athlete freedom to explore the many aspects of skiing and riding, such as parks, racing, woods, and any other terrain. Most importantly, however, we want to foster a life-long love of skiing and riding as a sport, a source of family fun, and a source of individual challenge and reward.

Throughout the season, we will aim to keep the same coach with the same group of kids consistently.  Periodically, the groups may bring in different coaches with varying areas of expertise to work on new skills.  Parents will receive regular communication throughout the year from our program manager.  


Ages 4-6

Ridge Runners & Riders

Ages 7-12

Learn to Programs

For All Ages


Ages 10-18

The BV Freeride Team will be back for the 2021-22 season, offering big mountain and terrain park adventure for skiers and snowboarders; but with a twist! This year there will be a development team as well as a competition team!


The terms “freeride” and “big mountain” are synonymous and essentially refer to any skiing or snowboarding that takes place in natural terrain and snow conditions, and embodies a style of riding that utilizes the mountain’s many rocks, trees, bumps, and pitches in a creative way. It typically does not include groomed surfaces or man-made features, and it utilizes and combines skills and techniques from all other disciplines of skiing and snowboarding.


We’ll be focusing on big-mountain style skiing and riding, risk assessment, and generally raising kids’ comfort levels on every terrain and in every condition the mountains can throw at them. They’ll spend a lot of time on the mountain – on the steeps and in the trees – as well as some time in the park and in the air, and exploring the backcountry.

Development vs. Competition – Which Is The Right For Me?

The Dev Team will meet on Saturdays and focus on slopestyle and freeride aspects, developing from beginner flatland and park skills to a more well rounded all mountain skier and rider, but without the aspect of competition points systems and how to impress the judges that the competitive Sunday team will incorporate.

The Competitive Team that meets on Sundays will have a lesson plan focused on practicing for competitions and being the feeder program as Bolton ramps up to have USASA & IFSA teams in the future seasons. This season the hope is to have other mountains at BV for slopestyle and freeride contests a few Sundays later this year, and potentially at other mountains as well. Participant’s lift tickets and transportation will not be provided for Bolton athletes or parents for any away competitions.

For information and bookings of our single session Private and Group Lessons, Go HERE

All lesson and season long programs will meet outside on snow.

All bookings will be done online or by phone. 

-Children must be in the age range as of Jan 1 2022

-Physical distancing will be practiced in all lessons – which means there will be minimal physical assistance from instructors. 

Our goal is to create a life-long love of skiing & riding.  We offer a selection of different season-long programs for every skill level!  Find one that works for you below! Limited availability. All prices subject to change.