Food For Everyone!
Now serving it up fresh at the Bolton Backyard Grill & Creemee Window
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(Subject to Change)
BV Deli
Currently 8 am – 8 pm 7 days/week
Breakfast, Lunch, Groceries, and Weekend Brunch
In Person or
(802) 434-6817
Breakfast Menu
Brunch Menu
Lunch Menu
Mad TacoNoon to 8 pm
Thursday to Sunday
Expanded days of operation as staffing / seasonal business allows.7 Days/Week
In Person or
(802) 434-5144
Sample Mad Taco Menu
Bolton Backyard Grill & Creemee WindowThe Backyard Grill and Creemee Window is open Wed-Fri 4-9pm and Sat-Sun 12-8pm. On rainy days, the kitchen/ordering will move into the James Moore Tavern. We will have a full bar drink service at the indoor bar during the same hours.Walk On UpSample Backyard Grill Menu
James Moore TavernJames Moore Tavern will be seating people inside during rainy weather. The rest of the time the BV Creemee Window and Bolton Backyard Grill will serve food outside on the Tavern Deck
Fireside FlatbreadCurrently Closed