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Mountain Bike Park Open 7 Days/Week – See Trail Report and Maps Below

Thank you to everyone that participated in our Thursday Enduro Series this year. It was amazing to see so many make the trip up each week and ride our featured trails and/or any trail they like. We had over 50 riders submit their rides and 4 tied at the top, having submitted a ride every single week! Way to go, SheaBones, LBS, Danielle Brabon and Eric Goldmann!

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See below for list of what trails are currently open and closed and brand new 2020 trail map. That said, our full time trail crew is out there daily giving all of our trails fresh love, so the spoils of their toil should be evident to you in the coming weeks and months as they continually improve the existing trail network and look for opportunities to add new trails in the coming years. Join us on the evening of Thursday, July 9 to hear all about it at our 3rd Annual Bolton Valley Mountain Biking Revival Party (assuming COVID allows, of course, but we’re feeling confident).

For Summer 2020, the trails remain free to ride, but there is no lift access this summer, so you have to pedal up to get down. The trails between the ski lifts are for advanced riders only and definitely very technical terrain with lot’s of exposed roots and rocks for some good old fashioned raw and rowdy riding! For more beginner and intermediate options, see the trails and progression zone (eta mid June) down by the Sports Center.

Bolton Valley is home to a growing system of raw, rowdy, and ripping mountain bike trails that will give you the chance to test your skills and nerve, or just a great opportunity to practice and improve your skills.

  • 27 Downhill Trails (Advanced riding only – technical, steep, raw and rowdy)
  • Several Climbing Options (no lift access this year, sorry, but stay tuned for next year… fingers crossed…)
  • 2 Loop Trails (1 Beginner and 1 Intermediate) – down by Sports Center
  • 1 Progression/Skills Practice Area (Beginner and Intermediate Features) – lower parking lots by Sports Center

Bikers are also invited to use the various work roads around Bolton Valley. Work roads offer alternative uphill routes to access the downhill trails, as well as additional approachable downhill routes in themselves. When utilizing these routes, we do ask bikers to watch out for hikers, runners, and maintenance vehicles.

If that wasn’t enough, e-bikes are allowed on all of the mountain biking trails, with uphill travel on work roads only. If you’ve never tried e-bikes, keep an eye on our events calendar for upcoming demo days.

Mountain Bike Park Open 7 Days/Week – See Trail Report Below

Trail Report

(Open unless stated otherwise)

  1. 1 Love (Trail Preview with OGE Enduro Race Team + Adam Morse)
  2. Double Down (Trail Preview with Mack & Greg | 2019 Trail Preview with Sarah & Adam – before the fresh trail work)
  3. Lavine’s (Trail Preview with Lindsay, Corrine & Rosy)
  4. Lavine’s Connector (Trail Preview with Lindsay, Corrine & Rosy)
  5. Racecourse (2020 Trail Preview with Lindsay, Corrine & Rosy | 2019 Trail Preview with Sarah & Adam)
  6. Pit Loop
  7. Ledges
  8. 00 (Trail Preview with Elliot, Tim & Mack) – Trail is pronounced “Double Aught”
  9. Coleslaw
  10. Outslaw
  11. Waterfall
  12. Hydra (Trail Preview with Sarah & Adam)
  13. Little Rock
  14. Danger Pond (Trail Preview with Sarah & Adam)
  15. Sleepy Hollow
  16. Boulder Gap (Trail Preview with summer campers)
  17. Powerlines
  18. Enchanted Forest (2019 Trail Preview w Rosy & Clair | 2020 Trail Preview with summer campers)
  19. Bottom Out (Trail Preview with Sarah & Adam)
  20. Camp Loop (Trail Preview with our summer campers & Nick, Dir. of Guest Experience)
  21. Camp Ride (Trail Preview with our summer campers & Nick, Dir. of Guest Experience)
  22. Progression Zone (Trail Preview with our summer campers & Nick, Dir. of Guest Experience)
  23. Pumptrack
  24. Broken Bridge CURRENTLY CLOSED
  25. Wilderness Work Road
  26. Vista Work Road
  27. Swing
  28. Sprig O’ Pine
  29. Lower Villager
  30. Upper Villager

Trail Map

Click on the image below to view our full-sized Mountain Biking trail map.

Some of our favorite MTB videos from this season

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