Nordic Snow Report

February 6, 2016
Open Terrain
24 HRS: 0" 48 HRS: 0" 72 HRS: 0" 7 Days: 0" Season: 74"  
Base Depth - Groomed: 5-15" Base Depth - Backcountry: 5-15"  
Snow Surface: Frozen Granular
Trail of the Day: Broadway
Wax of Day: N/A
Today's Weather: Partly cloudy Saturday with a chance of flurries and temps in the mid 20s. SW winds at 16 mph.
Extended Weather: Partly sunny Sunday with flurries and a chance of snow showers. Temps in the high 20s, SW/W winds from 14-25 mph.
Updated Saturday, February 6th at 3:20 PM

Tomorrow we will be open with 14km for snowshoeing. Coverage is very thin but you are welcome to have a stroll in the woods on the snow that is there. Tickets will be $10. There is some partial grooming on Broadway down to Tear Drop, however we are still recommending sticking to snowshoeing only. The good news is we received some snow throughout the day, and there's snow in the forecast for early next week. 

Please be aware that open trails may have some bare and icy spots, and some water bars to negotiate. Also, please be aware that cover on closed trails is very thin and there are many hidden and unmarked obstacles such as waterbars, stumps, and rocks. These trails are closed until we get more snow. Do not venture off of the open trails.

The two on mountain uphill routes are open for uphill travel. But, since both Wilderness and Timberline are currently closed we are operating under the overnight policy 24 hours per day. This means uphill travel is at your own risk and you do not need a ticket or pass. The trails are not patrolled or maintained, call 911 for any emergencies. Please keep in mind that there are no dogs allowed on open or closed trails. Check the Uphill Travel Policy for more information.

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Trail Report

Only Show Open Trails
Trail Open | SK = Skate | CL = Classic | EA = Early
  Nordic Trails  
Open Easy Pond Loop EA
Open Easy Tear Drop Loop EA
Open Easy Broadway EA
Open Easy Herm EA
Open Easy Maple Loop - Lower EA
Open Easy Maple Loop - Mid EA
Open Easy Maple Loop - Upper EA
Open Easy Picnic Loop EA
Open Easy Pika EA
Open Easy Spruce Run EA
Open Easy Valley Loop EA
Open Easy World Cup EA
Open Easy Lynx
Open Easy Telemark
Open Easy Bobcat
  Lower Backcountry Trails  
Open Easy Twin Knolls
Open Easy Basta Bastion
Open Easy Beaver Pond
Open Easy Buck
Open Easy Chama
Open Easy Deer Run
Open Easy Django's Jag
Open Easy Grand View
Open Easy Jake
Open Easy Jasper's Jaunt
Open Easy Joiner Brook
Open Easy Loki's Loop
Open Easy Lower Lane
Open Easy Moose-ski
Open Easy North Ridge
Open Easy Polar
Open Easy Zach's Zig
  Upper Backcountry Trails  
Open Easy Birch Loop
Open Easy Bolton-Trapp
Open Easy Brook Run
Open Easy Bryant Run
Open Easy Cliff Hanger
Open Easy Cotton Brook
Open Easy Coyote
Open Easy Eagle's Nest
Open Easy Fox Hollow
Open Easy Gardner's Lane
Open Easy George's Gorge
Open Easy Goat Path
Open Easy Heavenly Highway
Open Easy Holden's Hollow
Open Easy Kid's Bypass
Open Easy Moose Glen
Open Easy North Ridge
Open Easy North Slope
Open Easy Paradise Pass
Open Easy Possum
Open Easy Raven's Wind
Open Easy Snow Hole
Open Easy Stowe View
Open Easy Telemark
Open Easy A1A
Open Easy Basta Bastion
Open Easy Big Blue
Open Easy Breakfast Bowl
Open Easy Cup Runeth Over
Open Easy Devil's Drop
Open Easy JJ's